AS a section of Mohammed Bin Zayed (MBZ) City, Zone 14 is a peaceful area situated on the margin of the UAE capital. This area is readily achievable after a short driving from the capital city, also commuting from this area towards Al Ain, Dubai and Abu Dhabi Island is easy. It presents cost-effective homes and serene lifestyle.

The name of MBZ City is dedicated to Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The district stretches about 45 km2 and includes multicolored, commodious villas in 2 to 6-bed configurations. The villas are grouped into two categories:  semi-separated villas and separate villas. Moreover, medium height habitable suites, entertainment amenities, and gardens can be seen in this district.


  • Habitable assets in semi-separate, separate villas as well as new-fashioned suites
  • Villas are fitted with full-scale facilities and features
  • Includes leased studio flats
  • District is achievable through Abu Dhabi – Al Ain Road E22 and E30
  • In the vicinity of Ajyal International School
  • At 2-minute distance from Sheikha Fatima Mosque


The favorite options of the district include:

  • Pools
  • dedicated parking lots
  • Big gardens

Here, the majority of houses are fitted with dedicated parking, big garden and pools. Full-scale amenities were involved to create these dedicated pools. Also, the villas in this family-friendly area contain a dedicated entry.


Here, one kind of assets is rental suites. The following information is useful for those seeking for leasing studio flats:

  • A 1-bath studio flat can be rented at price of ranging from AED 20k to AED 34k annually.
  • The area of these homes varies from 280 sq. ft. to 800 sq. ft.

Umbilical air conditioning and heating system, communal parking, marble flooring, and water and electricity are amenities provided in suites. Keeping pets for habitants is no obstacle and they can use the advantage of an orderly maid service.

Leased villas are another option of assets. Following data can be assumed for renting these villas.

  • One can rent a 4-bed villa with 5 baths at price of AED 110k annually.
  • The lease price for a 5-bed villa with 7 baths equals AED 170k annually.

The area of these villas varies from 3400 sq. ft. to 4780 sq. ft. The villas feature commodious living areas, storage room, kitchen, a large garden, and servant’s room.


It can be said that the situation of public transport is not good here as 30 minutes driving is required to reach the nearest bus stops. These bus stops are Abu Dhabi, Shahama Village, Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station, and Abu Dhabi Bus Station. A few metro stations can also be found nearby.

Residences are fitted with covered parking places. In addition to private parking place with the capacity of up to 2 cars, many communal parking lots are accessible in the area.



At a relatively short driving distance, the habitants of the area can readily access to stores. Rested in the Capital Mall, Lulu Hypermarket is a good option. The store is a subset of the multidimensional and multinational LuLu Group International. This store is known for being a pioneer in retail. 11 minutes driving is needed to reach this store. Ramla Supermarket is another store, which is reachable within 6 minutes. The reason of its fame is to provide good, cost-effective and excellent client services. Baniyas Spike Supermarket, City Supermarket, and Tuwairish Supermarket are other available choices.


The Mosque of Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak can be an attractive mosque for Muslims of MBZ city. The mosque can be accessed within 2 minutes driving. Shaikh Hazza Bin Zayed Al Nahyan was who opened this mosque. The built-up area and capacity of this mosque equals 2800 m2 and about 5450 worshippers, respectively. Mubarak Bin Sumaida Mosque, Masjid Mohammed Khamees Al Baadi, and Mubarak Bin Salmeen Mosque are also noteworthy mosques.

Achievable within 11 minutes driving through 17 St., The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the nearest worship place for Christians. This church has 3 floors. At 21-minute distance from the area, St. George’s Orthodox Cathedral is another choice that situated in Al Mushrif. Abu Dhabi Apostolic Tamil Church, Evangelical Community Church, Abu Dhabi Pentecostal Church, and St. Joseph’s Cathedral are other nearby ones.

Reachable after 11 minutes driving through 63 St., New Gurudwara Abu Dhabi is another religious place. Another option close to the area is JUGANNATH temple that is achievable through Abu Dhabi – Al Ain Rd/E22. It can be seen after passing a drive distance of 30 minutes.


Plenty of educational facilities exist nearby that present various curriculums. Preschool options close by are:

  • Riverwood Nursery
  • Vision Nursery
  • Kotwals Nursery & Montessori
  • Piccadilly Nursery
  • Al-Haneen Nursery

School choices nearby are:

  • Creative British School
  • Bright Riders School


  • Ajyal International School

Established in 2014, the first school presents a wonderful British education system.

The next one is an Indian CBSE-based school which is works on international standards. It accepts pupils from 1 to 12th-grade. Its purpose is to present quality training so that every pupil is able to achieve his/her entire potential in an exciting, safe and caring ambience.

By presenting quality education, the last school readies students for future recruitment. Situated in MBZ City, it offers an English National education system.

Brighton College Abu Dhabi is a college reachable within 17 minutes from the area. This center that is among top 3 British-curriculum schools in the Middle Eastern presents wonderful academic results and a broad span of co-curricular actions. The most popular universities close to Zone 14 are Abu Dhabi University and Al Ain University of Science & Technology.


The most available medical centers are:

  • Prime Care Medical Centre
  • Ahalia Eye Care Shabiya
  • Kaya Skin Clinic

The first one caters outpatient consultation services to patients referred by experts in the public and private department and primary healthcare professionals.

The second one is a novel plan by Ahalia Medical Group. This center can be reached through 59 Street. It is fitted with modern ophthalmic apparatuses to remedy and detect all kinds of eye diseases.

Accessible at 7 minutes away from the area, Mediclinic Al Mussafah is one of the popular hospitals nearby. The center is a section of Mediclinic International, a dedicated hospital group with three active branches in Switzerland, the UAE, and South Africa. Lifecare Hospital, Al Bustan Specialty Hospital, and Bareen International Hospital are other existing hospitals nearby.


MBZ City is in the vicinity of some habitable and industrial districts of the area. Habitable districts close by are:

  • Khalifa City
  • Al Maqta
  • Mussafah

Situated to the north of the area, Khalifa City is a habitable region on the margin of the UAE capital. This district is grouped into two sub-districts including Khalifa City A and Khalifa City B. Two these sub-districts have commodious and cost-effective villas.

Positioned to the north of the area, Al Maqta district is a large habitable district on the border of the capital city. This district mostly features rental and saleable villas.

Rested to the west of the area, Mussafah is an important industrial community of the capital. It houses plenty of outstanding industrial and automotive companies. This community includes warerooms and leased offices. It contains studio flats to 1, 2 and 3-bed suites as well.



The most available mall for habitants of Zone 14 is Mazyad Mall. The mall is situated in close vicinity of Abu Dhabi city, Al Raha District, and the airport. This shopping center presents some of the prime leisure choices to visitors and habitants equally. Famous brands in the mall are:

  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Adidas Outlet
  • Baskin Robbins
  • Damas
  • Giordano
  • Titan

Created with unparalleled design and configuration, the mall includes a distinguished commodious ambience with natural light and elegant broad open spaces. This attractive atmosphere makes an excellent shopping experience for all customers. This mall accommodates many retail outlets as below:

  • Fashion items
  • Lulu express hypermarket
  • Cosmetics
  • Sporting goods
  • Home furnishings
  • Toys
  • Books, and jewellery
  • Electronics

Another choice for shopping close to the area is Capital Mall. This mall has novel retail mix, novel indoor spaces, novel layouts and stimulating traffic generating anchor amusement attractions and retailers. The center also includes the UAE’s largest and first family amusement venue, Action Zone, which is the outstanding place for indoor playgrounds, rides, celebration, and gaming for all ages.


Many dining choices are available for habitants at the Mazyad Mall:

  • Lebanese Flower
  • Grand Imperial Restaurant
  • Papa Murphy’s Pizza
  • India Palace
  • SFC Plus
  • Subway
  • Barrio Fiesta

Other eateries close to the area are:

  • Gazebo Restaurant
  • El Chico
  • Max’s Restaurant


Situated at the ground floor of Dalma Mall, Gazebo Restaurant is an Indian eatery that has Biryani, Kebab, Mughlai dishes, Indian foods, and North Indian foods on its menu.

A Mexican eatery, El Chico presents Mexican foods to its clients. This eatery is achievable through Abu Dhabi – Al Ain Rd/E22 and is open between 11:00 am and 1:00 am.

One can access to nightlife choices nearby at driving distance of 30 minutes from the area. The most available options are Skylite Rooftop Lounge, Stars N Bars, Latitude Poolside Bar, Yas Lounge, Trader Vic’s, and Y bar.


To access to the nearest waterfront places, 30 minutes driving is required. Al Bateen Beach is one of the popular ones nearby, which can be reached within 20 minutes. Another available coastal place is Corniche Beach, which is assumed as one of the prime beaches in the UAE capital.

Al Bateen Beach is a suitable destination for fishing, water sports, and picnics. At this beach, anybody can have fun with waterfront promenades and wooden walkways fitted with gardens and benches that overlook the sea. Other available features at this beach are: a play region for kids, sidewalk and cycling roads, cafes, eateries, and free sports amenities such as 3 play grounds, 5 volleyball courts, and 2 football fields.


Some popular places for free time action close to the area include:

  • Abu Dhabi Golf Club
  • Al Forsan International Sports Resort
  • Fun City – Kids Activities Centre

The first one that is one of the prime Golf Courses in the capital city caters one of the most plush golf resort experiences in the Middle East. It is fully managed by the popular Troon Golf. It has 27 Championship holes of golf in the land covering an area of 162 hectares. This club is reachable within 16-minutes from the area.

The next one is a wide entertaining set presenting gymnasium, water sports, restaurants, paintball, go-karts, and riding. This complex is situated at the intersection of 12th and 15th Streets of Khalifa City. This set is known as a landmark close to the area as is a unique center in the UAE.

Reachable within 9 minutes driving, the last one is an entertainment place which has about 80 play locations in the UAE, Qatar, India, KSA, Oman and Kuwait. This center caters a part to 1 to 12-year-old children to friendly contact and play in a comfortable, safe ambience.  It features Big Rides, Kiddie Rides, and a Play Zone.


Most commonly found in the area are:

  • Big gardens
  • Pools

In addition to these, neighborhood parks can be seen where kids and their families can do many activities there. The presence of these outdoor actions is a main reason for attracting people to this area.

Tiger Gym, Fitness 4 Ever, Troy Gym, and Body Factory Gym are some fitness clubs. 5 minutes driving is required to reach these clubs.

Followings are the noteworthy beauty salons close to the area:

  • Ruby Salon
  • Vanitha Ladies Saloon
  • Spring Days Ladies Beauty Saloon

The first one is an organic spa and salon catering spa services and salon services such as skin beautification remedy, facials, waxing, hair colors, and hair products.

The second one is 6 minutes away from the area. Its options are skin care, hair care, makeup, and nail care services.


Mazyad Mall hosts the majority of community events in the master district. These events include mainly Diwali Celebration, Valentine’s Day Celebrations, Abu Dhabi Summer Season, Eid Al Fitr 2019 Celebrations, Women Health Program, etc.


The habitants of the area can became a member of Facebook page belonged to the area. Information on local businesses is visible on this page.


One should be aware that the area is fully habitable and is nearly entirely developed with few under construction assets. Moreover, the basic amenities such as many shopping centers, educational centers, medical facilities, and more are available nearby for the habitants of Zone 14. It should also be mentioned that this area is not suitable for people seeking for adventure and amusement. Therefore, this area is ideal for those that elect quietness rather than excitation.