THE WOODS overview

AKOYA Oxygen situated in the clamoring city of Dubai offers a serene way of life. A sub-network of AKOYA Oxygen, The Woods primarily centers around culture and innovativeness. It is an area for youthful experts who have a contemporary style sense. The Wood offers a perfect harmony between the bustling city life and tranquility. It offers another culture that praises workmanship in the lavish regions of nature. It is deliberately situated close Umm Suqeim Expressway that associates occupants to the remainder of the city.


The Woods is the sub-network of AKOYA Oxygen

It offers a peaceful way of life

It has looked for after private properties

It is well-associated with the primary city

The region has numerous civilities and devoted parking spots


The features of the network are:

Rich manors

Fairways and green scene

Serene way of life

The tranquil network offers numerous profoundly looked for after private properties including estates. The territory has numerous knolls and parks that pull in nature sweethearts. The people group has the best of the two universes. Inhabitants get the opportunity to appreciate the energy of the city and the tranquility of a rural network.


Properties in the Woods chiefly contain 3 to 6-room estates. These manors have a firing developed territory of 1,700 sq. ft. to 3,017 sq. ft. They highlight contemporary plans, an immense gallery and a porch. Inhabitants can discover in-house offices, for example, clothing administrations, support, servant’s room, a private nursery and a carport. A few manors likewise have a mutual exercise center and pool offices.

One can purchase a 6-room estate for about AED 2.5M


Stopping in the Woods isn’t a lot of an issue as inhabitants get private carports inside the estates. Guests can leave their vehicles outside estates or use road leaving.

There is restricted open transportation in the Woods. The closest bus stop is situated close Mira 2, Reem Bus Station at around a 20-minute drive.


Grocery stores NEAR THE WOODS

There are a few nearby retail locations where occupants can look for their fundamental needs. Some well known general stores close to the Woods are Spinneys in Al Qudra, Allday Minimart and numerous parts of Carrefour Market. Every one of these grocery stores are not exactly a 25-minute drive away.


One can discover scarcely any mosques in the Woods. The nearest one is Sheik Khalifa Mosque at around a 15-minute drive. Different mosques inside the region are Mira Mosque, Umar canister Al Khattab Mosque and Abdullah Mosque at around a 25-minute drive.


Discussing temples close to the Woods, one can spot Midcherm and Chapel at around a 30-minute drive. Christians can likewise visit Emirates Baptist Church close to Al Barsha while Fellowship Church is at a 40-minute drive.

The nearest sanctuary close to the Woods is Shiva Temple and Mahamevnawa Buddhist Temple at around a 45-minute drive.


Most nurseries close to the Woods are situated at about a half-hour drive. They include:

Emirates British Nursery

Plump Cheeks Nursery

Kiddy Care Nursery and Daycare

Emirates British Nursery is situated in Motor City. It offers a British educational program for babies and spotlights on the advancement of your youngster. Another mainstream preschool, Chubby Cheeks Nursery is an honor winning nursery that additionally offers the British educational program. One can profit day care offices at Kiddy Care Nursery and Daycare.

Trustworthy schools close to the Woods are:

Pearls Wellington Academy

Renaissance Schools for Girls

Jebel Ali School

Every one of these schools are situated at around a 25-minute drive. Pearls Wellington Academy offers the best quality of instruction and has knowledgeable instructors. Other close by schools are Jumeirah English Speaking School, the Aquila School and Jebel Ali School.


Individuals can look for therapeutic consideration from various centers close to the Woods:

Aster Clinic

Anaya Clinic

The Chiron Clinic

Every one of these centers are situated at around a 20-minute drive. Aster Clinic is the most prominent facility in Arabian Ranches. It offers assistance in numerous therapeutic regions, for example, family drug, gynecology, cardiology, ENT and then some.

Clinics close to the Woods are Thumbay Hospital Daycare and Mediclinic Meadows at about an hour drive.

Close by AREAS

The close by zones of the Woods are:


Akoya Claret

Akoya-Adria Villas

Every one of these areas have the equivalent rural way of life with a few offices for inhabitants. Other famous private networks that are a short drive away incorporate Arabian Ranches 2 and Mudon people group.


Shopping centers NEAR THE WOODS

Occupants can go to a portion of the mainstream shopping centers close to The Woods, for example,

Dubai Outlet Mall

The Village Community Mall

Downtown area Me’aisem

Situated at around a 25-minute drive, Dubai Outlet Mall is one of the most loved shopping centers in the region. The enormous shopping goal has up to 1,200 global brands and restaurants. It likewise has a play territory so you can cheerfully visit the shopping center with your children. Individuals can likewise visit the Village Community Mall for a loosening up shopping experience. It has a committed play zone for kids called Peekaboo. Downtown area Me’aisem is secured with understood stores, a hypermarket and numerous nourishment outlets. It is additionally situated inside a half-hour drive.


Eateries close to The Woods offer a wide assortment of alternatives for nourishment sweethearts. Inhabitants love to visit the accompanying:

Momento Cafeteria

Tuk Thai Cuisine Restaurant

Abatjour Bistro

Tomato and Basilico Restaurant

Texas De Brazil UAE

For an easygoing home base and great nourishment, occupants can visit Momento Cafeteria at around a 19-minute drive. The little comfortable diner has many breakfast and cheap food alternatives like burgers, shawarmas and wraps.

Individuals can likewise visit TukTuk Thai Cuisine Restaurant and Abatjour Bistro situated at around a 20-minute drive. Tuk Thai is known for its Thai dishes and has a stunning vibe for family suppers or corporate gatherings. Those of you who lean toward buffet cafés can appreciate different Brazilian dishes at Texas De Brazil UAE at about a half-hour drive.

Aside from the recorded cafés, there are a lot of others, for example, Zest Restaurant LLC, Chowking Orient Restaurant and Oregano Restaurant.


Most sea shores close to The Woods are situated at around a 30 to 40-minute drive. The nearest one is Jumeirah Beach and JBR Beach. Jumeirah Beach is known for its sandy scene with enormous palm trees. The sea shore is an extreme amusement for families as it offers numerous watersport exercises, child’s play region and eating alternatives.


Some famous recreation goals close to The Woods are:

Al Qudra Desert

Worldwide Village

The Dubai Fountain

Al Qudra Desert is situated at around a 8-minute drive that pulls in an enormous number of vacationer and local people. It is a perfect spot for grill, campfires and outdoors evenings. Al Qudra Oasis is not exactly a 30-minute drive. The counterfeit lake is skilled with the nearness of marine life. It is additionally a family outing spot.

Another well known goal is the Global Village. It is a huge entertainment mecca that shows the way of life of various nations. It is a decent spot for family trips, shopping and eating. Other prevalent spots are the Dubai Fountain and Dubai Marina Walk situated at around a 40-minute drive.


A portion of the games buildings and stops inside the region are:

Lisaili Neighborhood Park

Al Qudra Lake

Mirador Park

Lisaili Neighborhood Park is situated inside a 23-minute drive. It has an extraordinary domain for family trips. The recreation center is well-kept up with bathrooms accessible. Individuals can likewise decide to take a walk or run as there are running tracks circumnavigating the recreation center.

Occupants can stay in shape at:

UAE Sports Academy

Nitro Gym

Cardio Gym

Individuals can go to these exercise centers at around a 30-minute drive. UAE Sports Academy has numerous games alternatives for the two children and grown-ups, for example, tennis and football.


Individuals can remain associated by joining the Facebook bunch ‘Akoya Oxygen Community’ and ‘AKOYA Oxygen (Residential Community)’.

Interesting points

The cutting edge manor network of the Woods has a great deal of potential. As of now, most comforts are very a long way from the network and there are restricted alternatives for open vehicle. So to move around, one should claim a vehicle. When the territory is completely grown, most civilities will be accessible close by.


Dubai International Airport is a 50-minute drive away

Near Al Qudra Desert and other great attractions