The Heart of Europe is a $5 billion uber venture in Dubai arranged as a lasting traveler staycation. Including six themed islands, this fantastic hotel traverses 6 million sq. ft. Thus, it will suit more than 16,000 travelers upon finishing. Goal themed islands are the best pieces of this area including Main Europe, The Floating Venice, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and St. Petersburg. Each reef depicts Europe’s way of life and feel. In addition, to convey the correct sense, resorts and stores will just acknowledge Euro as the money. Further, a few islands will include counterfeit downpour and open air snow to show an ideal occasion understanding.

Nakheel Properties offered portions of The World to speculators before the 2008 money related emergency. That is when Joseph Kleindienst began taking a shot at The Heart of Europe. The bunch of sea shore resorts turned into a joint endeavor between Dubai-based JK Properties and Chinese contracting organizations. Thus, the six islands are home to lodgings, squares, atmosphere controlled boulevards and beachfront resorts for families, love birds, occasions, goal weddings and sea shore parties. Generally, the venture will have 14 inn resorts and 2,000 manors.


4km off Dubai’s primary coast, The Heart of Europe is a piece of Nakheel’s lord advancement, The World Islands (just, The World) which is an archipelago of 300 islets. Involving 7 arrangements of islands, it speaks to the world’s landmasses, Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, Oceania and Antarctica.


Heart-molded archipelago with 6 islets

World Islands dependent on the 7 landmasses

Sub-people group named after noticeable tourist spots and places

Situated on an inventive ace advancement by Nakheel Properties

4km seaward

Home to UAE’s first gathering and pet inn, and special night resorts

Atmosphere controlled lanes, fake downpour and snow square

Restrictive excursion resort and occasion homes

The Floating Seahorse – submerged estates with an aquarium in The Arabian Gulf

European themed shops, resorts, and network culture

51 European countries with bistros, drifting cafés, yacht club and bars

One of a kind sea shore front nightlife


The Heart of Europe is a group of inn lofts, manors, and sea shore resorts that can fill in as a one of a kind, lavish occasion goal. Here, families and couples can encounter European legacy and friendliness inside Dubai. Be that as it may, the area is away from the terrain and based on the Arabian Gulf. Thus, those seeking after a serene occasion on an island by the sea shore can remain at The Heart of Europe.

Following are a few factors behind the network’s developing prevalence:

100,000 normal corals and a devoted coral nursery

Jumping and swimming experiences

Lasting Swiss carnival and diversion offices

Olympic pool with glass dividers

Submerged Aquarium

Mountain Spa

Antiquated Mediterranean trees imported from Andalucía, Spain

Other than these, the atmosphere controlled lanes and court are a fascination for visitors.


The verified complex ranges crosswise over 6 million sq. ft. of land highlighting submerged homes and extravagance resorts. Kleindienst intends to target second home purchasers from the UAE and different countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council. So the arrangement incorporates in excess of 4,000 occasion homes and more than 13 lodgings and resorts. As of now, completed properties in The Heart of Europe are accessible available to be purchased which incorporate inn lofts, private condos and private sea shore see manors.

The primary stage incorporates:

Ten waterfront royal residences on Sweden Island

Around 78 coasting manors in St. Petersburg Island

32 homes in Germany Island

While a large portion of the manors are found in St. Petersburg, a couple are available on the neighboring islands.

A run of the mill 2-room estate costs around AED 13M to AED 15M.

While, for bigger 3-room manors, the value begins from AED 14M.


Europe is the greatest island roused by Rome, Vienna and Andalusia. The district fundamentally incorporates recreation exercises like clubs, boutiques, bistros and lodgings driving components from Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain and different regions of the mainland. While, private properties in the territory significantly incorporate condos available to be purchased.

Crossing 457 sq. ft. to 840 sq. ft., these are perfect for people and couples the same. Here, the cost of studio pads begins from AED 1M while that of a 1 room loft ranges from AED 1.1M to AED 2.3M. Last, 1-room lodging condos are accessible for AED 1.25M roughly.


As the name proposes, properties in this segment pursue Swedish structure and engineering. This is the main island presented with ten 4-story royal residences. These are sumptuous 7-room waterfront homes that reclassify sea shore living gratitude to the fantastic retreat offices. Additionally, a few units are planned by Bentley Home. Here, every unit includes an unendingness pool and a lift. The ground floor has a film, rec center and sauna while on the housetop, you discover a glass-roofed club. With everything taken into account, the evaluated estimation of properties will be AED 50 billion.


This spot is about tidal pond living. The horseshoe-formed island will highlight 32 manors with direct access to sea shores. Also, the zone will be home to inns and nurseries. There will be 15, 5-room and 17, 6-room manors and each will have a private pool and patio. Handovers are normal in 2020 having an expected estimation of AED 50 billion.


The phenomenal Switzerland Island will excite those searching for extraordinary frigid outside and loosening up occasions. The territory will have a green mountain with a spa and in excess of 100 extravagance living arrangements. Also, the arrangement incorporates the foundation of completed 2 to 6-room chalets. Visitors will appreciate pool parties at the ice cavern pool with a bar. Once more, the estimation of properties is required to be AED 49 billion.


Alluded to as Honeymoon Island for its one of a kind heart-formed guide, St. Petersburg Island will be a couple’s retreat. It will be home to 131 Floating Seahorse Villas some of which are as of now finished. A standard 2-room manor available to be purchased ranges crosswise over 4,000 sq. ft. The island will likewise make a 200,000 sq. m. coral nursery. The cost of Floating Seahorse Villas begins from AED 13.2M.


This venture is essentially the world’s first submerged vessel resort. With an intend to advance submerged the travel industry, this hotel is part into four decks with one of them worked underneath ocean level. In addition, the island will have 414 sumptuous lodge suites motivated by Venice’s building structure.


The archipelago traverses 6 million sq. ft. with an ability to house 16,000 voyagers one after another. When finished, every one of the islets will be associated through scaffolds. Methods of transportation in The Heart of Europe will be pontoons, seaplanes and helicopters. As the designer goes for a self-continued and green network, conventional fuel vehicles won’t be permitted on the islands. Consequently, the spot is perfect for those wanting for an unadulterated island occasion. To drive from the territory, inhabitants use speedboats.


The ace venture expects to give a total occasion goal in Dubai. The arrangement highlights atmosphere controlled avenues, fake downpour, man-made mountains and numerous one of a kind offices motivated by the 7 landmasses of the world. Every island has beachfront estates, lodgings and resorts with a plenty of amusement exercises and courtesies. Regardless of which island or property you pick, you will have alternatives for unwinding, feasting, shopping and spending time with your friends and family. Additionally, visitors will profit by boundless sessions at the spas and salons and gyms in the retreats.

Besides, the venture means to make an economical situation like a large portion of the new and imaginative improvements in Dubai. It will fuse green highlights, for example, sun oriented power boards and end of conventional vehicle.

Close by AREAS

World Islands is around 9km wide and 7km long. The advancement is 4.5km away from Dubai’s coast. This implies, a 20-minute quiet vessel ride from focal Dubai. Presently, all you would see around the territory is the Arabian Gulf.



While the advancement means to have around fourteen 5-star, 6-star and 7-star lodgings and resorts, there are just two of them finished;

Portofino Hotel

Cote d’ Azur Resort

Portofino Hotel is a 5-star select lodging that additionally has numerous occasions consistently. Among these, water expressive dance shows and motion picture screenings are generally cherished. It is a family just inn worked in Main Europe including 489 Queen and Princess Suites.

Then again, Cote d’ Azur is a sea shore resort with 7 duplex penthouses, 113 inn suites and 872 lofts. At the point when finished, visitors will appreciate watersports, swimming and pearl jumping encounters. At last, the undertakings that are right now being worked on are uniquely named after the nations or tourist spots from where the motivation is driven. These include:

Amsterdam Hotel – selective lodging for pets

Munich Hotel – for tech darlings

Tzar Hotel – 7-star lavish inn for families


Starting at now, the eateries in The Heart of Europe are those set up in the lodgings. While, others will be propelled when the task arrives at fruition. Portofino Hotel has cafés and European bistros that serve exemplary Mediterranean cooking. Essentially, Cote d’ Azur likewise includes six Mediterranean-themed eateries and sea shore bistros. Here, visitors will appreciate champagne at the piano bar – Absinthe Lounge.


The individuals who need to appreciate a mid year sea shore occasion can visit sea shores in The Heart of Europe. Sea shores are the most significant component of this wonderland. Preferably, every manor approaches private sea shores and the hotels likewise have ocean confronting porches and windows.


The area is home to a great choice of lodgings and relaxation offices. The Main Europe island is typically taken as the center everything being equal and exercises. Other than lavish lodgings, the advancement will have white sandy sea shores, boutiques, and strip malls. The most alluring component is the atmosphere control framework that produces fake snow tumbling down on the cobbled avenues and royal residences.

Likewise, a link vehicle will be acquainted with venture out from Dubai to Main Europe Island.

Network EVENTS

All the six islands have a schedule of yearly occasions and festivities. Particularly, the primary island has carnival celebrations, Oktoberfest and crawfish parties. The individuals who appreciate firecrackers and light shows can make up for lost time with the day by day night appear.

In addition, Swedish occasions, for example, Midsummer, National Day, Saint Lucia and St. Martin’s Day are commended in Sweden Island. The region will likewise observe Swedish film, music and workmanship industry. Last, a scope of conventional restaurants and shopping openings will be an or more for remaining in The Heart of Europe.


Those ready to mingle and get refreshes for exercises can pursue Facebook page and local gathering, The Heart of Europe.

Interesting points

The Heart of Europe is 4.5km away from Dubai’s coastline with no vehicle right now. Notwithstanding, when the venture is finished and handovers start, the network will have its green vehicle framework. Additionally, link vehicles and vessels will be utilized to arrive at the goal legitimately from Dubai.


4.5 km away from Dubai’s coastline

Created on the Arabian Gulf

Associated with the territory (Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina) by means of speed vessels