Terms And Conditions

Effective Date:- 01 March, 2018

In order to use this www.dobira.com, it’s essential to completely accept the terms and conditions mentioned at following paragraphs that directs using procedure of www.dobira.com. You shouldn’t use this website in case you disagree with any of its terms and conditions.

This terms and conditions are an AGREEMENT among the user (you) and Dobira F.Z.C.

Few key elements

  1. You should not upload unethical or illegal material. If you do so your true identity may be revealed by Du or Etisalat telecommunication corporation and you may be prosecuted by the court of U.A.E.
  2. Only commercial advertisements are accepted.
  3. Suspicious or fraud advertisements are rejected.
  4. Advertisements must be in English, Arabic or Turkish language only.
  5. You shouldn’t be a competitor of Dobira.
  6. Your advertisement would appear after 24 hours after inspection.
  7. Dobira reserves the right to approve or disapprove your advertisement.
  8. Your payment is not refundable in any case.

Intellectual Property and Copyright

Dobira strongly protects its intellectual property which consist of graphics, website design, text the assortment and preparation thereof are Copyright © 2018, Dobira.com, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Registered Trademarks

Dobira is an international registered trademark which means no commercial entities may use this trademark as part of their domain name, brand or company name.

Users related Terms

During registration in www.dobira.com, the user is obligated to provide correct, honest, precise, up-to-date and complete Registration information. Also, the user should update any variations before further deploying this website.

The user should be minimum at the age of 18 to be illegible to enter into agreement.

Dobira reserves the right to approve or disapprove your advertisements and remove any adds created without any notice.

The user’s information noted at registration shall not be shared to third parties at anonymous basis and wouldn’t be used for any reason unrelated to the website.

When the user uses www.Dobira.com, this website might send a small file called and cookie to the user’s computer. This small file or “cookie” would alow Dobira to recognize the User’s computer, track his or her interest on the Website and improve the user’s future uses of the Website. Dobira wouldn’t use the cookie for any reason unrelated to this Website. The browser may be set to reject cookies in case of user’s desire, however this might exclude the use of some areas of this Website.

By using this website, the user approves Dobira to deploy any data which he or she provides to this Website, in order to provide the user special offers, from Dobira or third party offers, and for other marketing and correlated intents. Dobira wouldn’t deploy user’s information for any other intents than as set out in this Agreement. However, in case that it’s required by law, that Dobira would reveal this information to law jurisdictions, or at the request of governmental authority or a law enforcement agency.

The user should leave this website before entering personal information in case if the user does’nt wants Dobira to use the personal data set out in clauses mentioned above.

The user must send a request to Dobira and unsubscribe in case the user doesn’t want Dobira to use its email address or SMS to send information concerning the Website and related matters.

If the user accepts this terms and conditions, he or she grant Dobira the right to check the validity of his or her information by calling her or him by the provided phone number, the call will be recorded for quality assurance.

Dobira has the right to suspend or dismiss a User’s account where, in its complete discretion, if it feels such suspension is appropriate. In case of termination or suspension, Dobira would inform the user by email and the user shouldn’t try to re-register whichever directly or indirectly through a related entity.

Dobira provides advertising services, and not products, this is to avoid ambiguity.

Dobira owns all Intellectual Property Rights in the Website and the Service, including without limitation, the design, text, graphics, the selection and arrangement thereof.

Dobira pursuits violations of its Intellectual Property Rights and fraud tremendously seriously and whereas users can’t blame Dobira to be liable in related to such matters, Dobira appeals all Users to report such issues instantly and Dobira would notify the related authorities.

Dobira request users to provide comments by email relating to the integrity and performance of other Users.

By advertising in www.dobira.com, the user provides Dobira a royalty-free, lasting, unalterable and non-exclusive license and right to deploy, replicate, distribute, demonstration, adjust and manage the advertisement. Dobira wouldn’t pay the user any charges for the advertisement and maintains the right in its sole discretion to delete or modify the advertisement at any time. User also grants all mentioned rights to Dobira.

Dobira allows the User to advertise on the Website in related with Dobira’s rules and regulations, that Material is not prohibited, illegal, offensive, insulting, threatening, frauded or in any case objectionable to Dobira.

Users Restrictions

Advertisements which are intended to disturb, ruin, destroy or limit the functionality of the Website or the Service.

User agrees only access the service manually and don’t use any automated application to see the Service without permission.

User approves the Service his or her own personal use only or as a real estate agent, listing properties for sale and to rent.

User approves never reverse engineer any processes or copy any advertisement without Dobira’s permission.

User approves to not publish materials which are illegal, immoral or harmful to Dobira.

User accepts not to violate any policy or other notice mentioned in this terms and conditions.

User accepts not to delete or modify any copyright announcements that are present on the website.

User accepts not to submit any adds that might boost a violation of any related laws or regulations.

User accepts not to interfere with any other User’s enjoyment of the Website or the Service.

User accepts not to submit adds that are protected by copyright without the consent of the owner.

User accepts during using the Website or the Service, not to engage in an offensive or abusive manner.


Dobira isn’t responsible for any consequential loss, indirect loss, loss of revenue, profits, information or goodwill. Neither any suffer arising in any way in relation with this Agreement or for any responsibility of a user to any third party.

Whereas Dobira would try any rational efforts to eliminate viruses from the Website, it can’t guarantee such elimination and no accountability is accepted for viruses. For this, the user is suggested to undertake all suitable protections such installing internet security before downloading data or any adds from the Website.

Dobira wouldn’t be accountable for guaranteeing that the advertisement on the Website is not improper content and the user in undergoing any financial or other decision agrees that he or she does so completely at his or her own risk.

Dobira wouldn’t be accountable for any Service interruptions, whether deliberated or unintentional.

Dobira isn’t accountable for any failure in regard of its responsibilities hereunder which may affect indirectly or directly from failure or interruption in software or services provided by third parties.

Dobira isn’t accountable for the indirect or direct results of a user linking to any other website from www.dobira.com.

None of the clauses herein shall apply so as to limit accountability for personal injury or death subsequent from the negligence of Dobira or its appointed agents.


Dobira dosen’t provide any guarantee that the advertisement presented on the Website is correct, complete or updated. Dobira hasn’t any responsibility regarding of any use which the User undertakes of such adds.

Advertisements hasn’t been created in order to satisfy each requirements of the user and it is the user’s complete obligation to satisfy himself or herself before to committing any contract or decision that the advertisement is appropriate for its purposes.

All warranties, express or implied, statutory or otherwise are hereby excluded.

The User accepts to insure Dobira against all accountabilities, claims and costs that might be as a result from any breach of this terms and conditions by the User.


Dobira has the privilege to change its terms and conditions at any time. At the top of this terms and conditions, the effective date of this agreement has been mentioned. Before deploying this Website again later, users must check that the effective date hasn’t been changed. If it has, the user must read the new set of terms and conditions and uses the website only if he or she agrees with the new terms and conditions.

If any terms in this agreement would be canceled or removed for any reason, it would be removed from this terms and conditions and the remaining terms would remain and continued in full force and effect.

Dobira has the privilege to allocate or delegate some or all of its privileges and responsibilities in this terms and conditions.

The user shouldn’t allocate or delegate its privileges or responsibilities in this terms and conditions without written approval from Dobira’s management.

Any communication done between Dobira and the user is done through the last known email address of the addressee. It is the user’s obligation to occasionally to update the address or email address in Dobira’s users’ profiles.

Dobira wouldn’t be accountable for any loss grieved by the other party or be believed to be in result for any failures or interruptions in performance or subsequent from causes or acts outside its rational control or from any performances of regulations or acts of any governmental or supra-national authority.

Any delay in executing any terms of this Agreement by Dobira shouldn’t be considered as a waiver of such terms or right and afterwards Dobira may enforce them later.

The titles in this terms and conditions are only used for ease of use and wouldn’t have any contractual or legal implication.

Based on the laws of United Arab Emirates this terms and conditions would be evaluated and adjudicated. In order to protect intellectual property rights, Dobira would take action in any court in United Arab Emirates.