Royal Marina Villas is situated in the master district named Marina Village. National Marina Real Estate Development created this area. This sub-district situates along the western part of the UAE capital. Situated on Al Kasir Island, it is reachable through Al Kasir Street.

With Al Bateen to the South and Lulu Island to the North, the area is positioned in the best community of Abu Dhabi Breakwater with wide coastal area. The sub-district as a valuable seaside scheme has full-scale and magnanimous assets in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Its habitants have availability to many full-scale amenities and features at around their residences. The chance of renting and buying a villa and enjoying from swimming in dedicated pool as well as prospect of water are all attractive options of this area.


  • Situated on Al Kasir Street
  • Presents villas in 4, 5 and 6-bed configurations
  • Homes contain big verandas, saunas, Jacuzzi, wall wardrobe, and excellent woody flooring
  • Presents a dedicated pool and prospect of coastal area
  • Offers commodious seaside living
  • Positioned in the Breakwater community of Abu Dhabi


It is a fenced area presents stylish villas with water prospect. With 24 hr safety, the villas contain back and front patios that involve pools.

Favorite places of the area are:

  • Tennis Court
  • Neighborhood Clubhouse
  • Neighborhood Pool

Apart from these, a playground for kids, communal park, and communal parking are another key places of the area. This family-interested area presents peaceful ambience. By residing in these beautiful houses in the area, anybody can enjoy from wonderful water prospects.


Here, assets are villas in 4 to 6-bed configurations with the area between 8,000 sq. ft. and 20,000 sq. ft. Following information is related to renting these villas:

  • One can rent a villa with 4 bedrooms at price ranging from AED 400k to AED 650k annually.
  • The lease price for a 5-bed home varies from AED 450k to AED 600k annually.

The prices are a function of the built-up area of each home, the number of bathrooms, and of course, the abundance of amenities presented by each home. Following data is related to purchasing villa in this area:

  • The minimum sale price for these homes equals AED 15M.
  • One can bought a home with 5 bedrooms at price varying from AED 18.5M to AED 20.5M.

It is better to know that villas with 5 bedrooms are available in two configurations: with 6 bathrooms and 9 bathrooms, which span 20,000 sq. ft. and 17000 sq., respectively. So, these differences result in variation in prices.


Here, each home is fitted with shaded parking places that can house maximum of 2 cars. Amenities for communal car parking are also provided here. Guests can place their vehicles in front of homes.

Limited choices are available for communal transport in this waterfront area. Habitants can board on the buses 7, 32 or 34 to access to Khaled Bin Al Waleed Street and reach to Bainuna Street through bus 8 from there and after that walk to Al Bateen. One of the areas on the buses paths is Marina Mall. One requires going on foot towards Marina Mall and access communal transportation to commute to many regions of the capital city. Accessibility to the area is possible through Al Kasir Street.



9 minutes away from the area, the closest Souq Planet is good option for supplying grocery items. The store is the first to present digital purchasing in the Middle East region. Habitants can experience a comfortable and fast shopping from this store. The purchasing can be done through two ways: online shopping and attending the store and providing the necessary items. The Seven Emirates Supermarket is another available choice. The products of this store are cost-effective but still good quality. It contains excellent offers, especially on weekends. This store is reachable through 1 Street after 15 minutes. Other noteworthy stores close to the area are Fathima Supermarket, Kayan Supermarket, and Al Safa Supermarket.


3 minutes away from the area, one can find Al Kareem Mosque. The area of that is 2875 m2. Halls for men and women, multi-goal hall, Quran recitation rooms, and a 2-floor Imam residence are all parts available in this mosque. Another option that is accessible via Al Kasir Street within 14 minutes is Mosque of Sheikha Maryam Bint Sultan. Also, Abu Baker Al Siddique Mosque is achievable through 1st St/Corniche Road after 15 minutes.

Several nearby churches are available for Christians. These are accessible after up to 25 minutes. Situated in Al Mushrif district, Evangelical Community Church is the closest one, which can be accessed within 21 minutes. It is an English-speaking local church that desires to demonstrate the kingdom of God in the capital city. This church holds weekly gatherings on Sundays and Fridays at 6.15pm and 8.30am/10.15am, respectively. Other nearby options close to the area are Abu Dhabi Apostolic Tamil Church, St. Theresa’s Church, and Church of St. Anthony.

Few temples are found nearby. Jagannath temple is the closest one, which can be reached at 16-minute distance from the area. Habitants can reach the temple through 1 St.


Many educational institutions can be seen nearby.

The preschools close to the district are:

  • Redwood Montessori Nursery
  • British Orchard Nursery Bateen
  • Happy Hearts Nursery
  • Tiny Dreams Nursery

School choices close to the area are:

  • Mohammed Bin Khalid Secondary School
  • Iranian School
  • Summit International School

One can access the first school through Mubarak Bin Mohammed Street.

The second one is inaugurated in 1971 and presents an Iranian education system. This center tries to present a powerful economic, cultural, artistic, scientific, and social basis for Iranians who are residing here. Situated at driving distance of 19 minutes from the area, it is reachable through Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum Street.

The last school presents a premiere North American K-8 training program. The school caters suitable training accredited all through the English speaking world. It can be seen after passing a driving distance of 16 minutes from the area.

At 12-minute distance from the district, one can see the closest college named Emirates College of Technology. Another HCT-Abu Dhabi Women’s Campus is available through Hazza Bin Zayed Street. A notable higher training center named Abu Dhabi University is also achievable within 31 minutes. His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan was who opened this university in 2003.


Clinic options close to the area are:

  • ZO Skin Centre By Zein Obagi Md
  • Linde Sleep and Respiratory Care Centre
  • IVI Middle East Fertility Clinic0


The first one is the prime aesthetic clinic that was opened by the well-known dermatologist, Dr. Zein Obagi. It warrants the security of body and skin.

The second one is an international healthcare institution that blends medical equipment, clinical care, and pharmaceutical gases into specified solutions for healthcare experts as well as patients. 5 minute driving is required to reach this medic center.

The last one is an outstanding healthcare center that works on reproduction. The center can be reached through Al Kasir Street within 5 minutes by. It caters personalized remedy by applying the most modern techniques.

Reachable at the interface of Mubarak Bin Mohammed (26th) Street and Hazza Bin Zayed (11th) Street, another option is The American Center for Psychiatry and Neurology (ACPN). It is an outstanding medic institution that focuses on presenting the best quality of specialized and primary health training and medic care services. Followings are available hospitals close to the area that are reachable within 18 and 22 minutes driving, respectively:

  • Medeor 24×7 Hospital Abu Dhabi
  • Burjeel Hospital


The area that is a seaside habitable development is in the vicinity several islands and habitable districts.

The adjacent regions and habitable districts around the sub-district are:

  • Massnoua Island
  • Al Lulu Island
  • Al Bateen
  • Khalidiyah

The first one is situated to the south of the area. The next one is positioned to the North of the district. Being close to the Coast of Abu Dhabi Island, It is an artificial island. The third one, Al Bateen situates to South-East of Royal Marina Villas. This habitable district has several full-scale facilities and stylish villas and suites. The last one, Khalidiya is the cultural center of the capital city. It has mainly medium – to high-rise structures as well as few villas. The habitable area even presents elegant seaside prospects from the majority of its homes.



An available mall that is achievable through Al Marsa Street and Al Kasir Street within 5 minutes is called Marina Mall. This mall is an outstanding shopping center in the capital city that was established in 2001. The existing shops at this mall are:

  • Paris Gallery
  • Marks & Spencer
  • Carrefour Hypermarket

The area of this shopping center is 122,000 m2. It has a mix of amusement, leisure and fashion marks that are distributed in 5 levels. It accommodates over 400 service and retail shops, such as high-street fashion and designer marks, electronic outlets, home appliances, and beauty shops. A Mercedes-Benz car exhibition can also be seen here. It features several F&B choices containing high-end cafes. A playing area for kids, a bowling alley, and a 9-screen VOX cinema are the leisure and amusement suggestions here.

Followings are some of the outstanding marks at this shopping center:

  • Prada
  • Yves Saint Laurent
  • Tiffany & Co
  • Hugo Boss
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Burberry
  • Chanel
  • Gucci

Situated in Al Bateen district, Al Bateen Mall is another shopping center. Accessibility to this mall is possible after passing a driving distance of 12 minutes. Access road to this center that is proximity to the National Bank of Abu Dhabi is Al Falah Street. Accessible within 13 and 18 minutes driving, Khalidiyah Mall and Al Wahda Mall are other available malls nearby.


There is a food court at Marina Mall that features several eateries like:

  • Galito’s Restaurant
  • Burger King
  • Joe’s Crab Shack
  • Five Guys
  • Café Laderach
  • Café Infinity
  • La Brioche

Habitants can select usual dining options including:

  • Villa Beirut
  • Rokn Al Hawamir
  • LalQila

The first one offers classic and endless recipes which are lapsed down through generations. It presents Lebanese food on tis menu.

Rokn Al Hawamir offers seafood to its customers. Situated in Marina Village, the eatery is situated behind Marina Mall. It is accessible within 7 minutes.

The third one is a Pakistani eatery that presents Indian, Chinese and Pakistani food on its menu and situated also behind Marina Mall. Accessibility to this restaurant is also possible within 7 minutes via Al Kasir Street.

Nightlife choices close to the area are achievable after passing a driving distance of 10 minutes. These are Hemingway’s, Jazz Bar & Dining, Ray’s Bar, Cabana Beach Bar & Grill and Chamas.


The majority of beaches close to the area are achievable after passing a driving distance of 5-10 minutes. The most favorite choices are Al Sahil Beach and Corniche Beach. The latter one is reachable within 10 minutes through Corniche Road and Al Kasir Street. Another beach is Al Sahil Beach that can be seen after 11 minutes driving.

Corniche beach is an amazing outdoor place where waterfront walkways and woody walkways are adorned with benches. Several activities can be done at this place. Following options are available here: a play region for kids, detached pedestrian and cycling roads, eateries, and several free sports amenities including volleyball courts, playgrounds and football fields. People can even lease fast boats or go for snorkeling. Football field and volleyball court are presented at Al Sahil Beach for sports enthusiasts.


The free time actions close to the area are:

  • Bounce Abu Dhabi Trampoline Park
  • Ferrari World
  • Emirates Heritage Club

The first one is a large spring-loaded playground that is loaded by trampolines. It is situated at the ground storey of Marina Mall. It is can be used by anybody from air-sport athletes to children and their parents.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is one of the most considerable highlight places close to the area. Situated on Yas Island, it is a covered park. It is the first branch of Ferrari theme park which has the quickest roller coaster in the world. It also features a mix of Ferrari-inspired attractions and rides, several valid Italian eateries and the biggest Ferrari shop.

The third one is a rebuilt village and is one of the areas that can mark a period when oil was not yet discovered in the UAE. It is situated close to the Marina Mall and can be accessed after 7 minutes driving.


A five-star unique fitness club named Royal Marina Health Club is the closest outdoor action place. The club presents the prime services to its customers. It has a Jacuzzi, sauna, gymnasium and pool. Accessibility to it is possible within 3 minutes on foot.

To be kept fit, habitants have access to several fitness clubs close to the district such as Capital Fitness, Le Royal Meridien Health Club, and Lifeline Wellness Khalidiya.

Beauty salons and spas close to the districts are:

  • Sisters Beauty Lounge
  • Marina Spa
  • Caramel Beauty Lounge

The first one presents a wide span of head to toe remedies. It can be seen within 7 minutes driving.

The next one is accessible at walking distance of 14-minute from the area and situates in Marina Village. It is a day spa specialized for women. It presents an option of relaxing remedies such as body tanning or whitening, massages, milk, and honey bath. It features a broad span of hair remedy and care services, makeup and nail care as well.

Rested in the capital city, the third place presents a set of beauty remedies such as nail care, waxing, and hairstyling services.


Royal Marina Villas is a quiet habitable area. This area features plenty of saleable and rental villas. Although the price of homes in the area is a bit high, people still want to live there because they can enjoy these beautiful homes and sea views.