Abu Dhabi Gate City that is in the neighborhood of the Mussafah Bridge is located on one of the strategic routes leading to the capital city. This 8.9 km2 city is a multi functional community with different expensive areas. Mangrove Village is one of the favorite areas belonged to it. This area that was created by Al Ain Properties is an individual fenced villa compound that situated on the southern side of the master community and is adjacent to the Khor Al Maqta channel.


  • At driving distance of 20 minutes from the central city
  • Presents up-scale leased villas
  • With prospect of the Khor Al Maqta channel
  • Proximity to Shangri-La Hotel, Qaryat Al Beri
  • In the vicinity of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
  • Close to various churches and New Gurudwara Abu Dhabi


Presenting an individual ambiance and facilities, the area is a suitable choice for families with a high-end lifestyle. It includes more than 310 family villas that are distributed among tree-adorned avenues. This area is calmer than other habitable regions on the Abu Dhabi Island city therefore it is an excellent choice if you want to live in an area away from too crowd. The key characteristics of this area are as follows:

  • Administrated by an individual service provider
  • Dedicated availability to coastal areas
  • Includes a neighborhood fitness club

Apart from being family-interested, this area also shows elegant open greenery and allows pets to be kept. Several stylish facilities including a health club, dedicated beach, and a coastal area are available here. Parking amenities, 24-hour safety and keeping services are provided for habitants, all administrated by their stylish Labaih concierge services.


Here, only habitable assets are rental villas with 4 and 5 bedrooms. These homes are fitted with verandas, dedicated pools, and commodious backyard gardens. Followings are information on renting the homes:

  • One can rent a 4-bedroom house at price between AED 210k and AED 270k annually.
  • A villa with 5 bedrooms can be rented at average price AED 250k.

The number of bathrooms in these houses varies from 4 to 6. The homes span from 3,250 sq. ft. and 4,500 sq. ft. but it can be said that 4,000 ft2 is the mean area. The majority of these houses have a servant’s room, storeroom and a detached area for laundry.


Abu Dhabi Gate City is one of the areas on the connecting road between mainland city and the Island city. Mussafah Bridge or Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street (E20) is the main road for commuting close to Mangrove Village. Two inner routes named Um Dakhnan Street and Ghafrah Street are available to reach this bridge. This commuting road straightly directs you to umbilical districts including Al Khalidiyah and Al Mushrif within 15 minutes with ordinary traffic.

As the district is far from mercantile regions, finding parking place is not a problematic issue in any sub-districts of the master community. Several amenities are accessible that present parking places for habitats and guests. Villas are equipped with covered parking spots. An external parking place exists close to the supermarket, while persons who visiting the coastal area can place their vehicles on the bays that are distributed along Mangroves Marina Road.



In terms of supplying groceries, the presence of a shop close to house would be a comfortable option for habitats. A famous store in the area namely Spinneys situates comfortably close to the doors. It presents fresh vegetables, fruits, fowl, and meat. This store also features a bakery part where you can even supply salad, cooked food, and dips. In addition to these, other parts associated with canned cuisines, frozen cuisine, cosmetics, home wares, florist, and more can be seen here.

Other choices for supplying foodstuff items and house wares are Souq Planet close to Shangrila Hotel at Qariyat Al Beri and Rich & Fresh Supermarket in the neighborhood of Seashore Villa Compound.


Internal religious places are not available for habitats but a limited number of mosques are reachable close to the area. Situated in the master community, Abu Dhabi Gate City Mosque and Al Shaheed Adel Seddeq Mohammed Al Asmani can be accessed within walking for 10 minutes. 8 minutes away from the area vial car, Assem Bin Udai Mosque, Amr Ibn Malik Mosque, and Shaikh Shakhboot Bin Sultan Mosque are other choices.

To access nearby churches, going to Mussafah community is the best choice. This community that is at driving distance of 10 minutes from the area accommodates various churches such as Mar Thoma Church, Abu Dhabi Assembly of God Church, The Armenian Church of Abu Dhabi, and St. Elias Rome Orthodox Church.

The recently established temple named New Gurudwara Abu Dhabi is also reachable in Mussafah. Other temple choices including Mahamevnawa Buddhist Temple and Shrinath Ji Temple are situated in Dubai and accessing to them needs to pass a driving distance of 1:15 hrs.


An early training center named Kidz Venture Nursery is available for preschool-goer kids. This case situated in the area itself. Other preschool choices close to the area are as follows:

  • Bright Kids Nursery
  • Creative Kids Academy
  • Aalm Semsem Nursery

School options close to the area are as below:

  • ADNOC Schools
  • The Cambridge High School
  • Emirates National School

Habitants to access the closest school to the area should pass a driving distance of 12 minutes.

Close to Abu Dhabi Golf Club, the first school follows the American Massachusetts State training program for the English subject. It pursues the Ministry of Education curriculum to teach topics including Arabic, Social Studies, and Islamic Studies.

Situated in the Shabiya town, the second one presents the National Curriculum for England (NCfE).

Positioned in MBZ City, the last one pursues the Ministry of Education program and accepts pupils of every nationality.


You can choose followings as the closest medical institutions to the area:

  • Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women & Children
  • Aster Clinic
  • Sarhad Medical Clinic

Clinics close to the area such as Aster and Sarhad Medical Clinic are capable to provide miniature to medium medic emergencies. These two centers can be accessed within about 8 minutes. Habitats who are seeking for enjoy primary health care can choose Al Maqtaa Healthcare Center. The specialty hospitals close to the area including LLH Hospital Mussafah and Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women & Children are capable to handle special medic occasions.


The close regions to the area include as follows:

  • Mohammed Bin Zayed City
  • Al Maqtaa
  • Mussafah

A big district, Mohammed Bin Zayed City accommodates Mazyad Mall and Capital Mall and along with several good schools.

The second district situates against to Abu Dhabi Gate City. It houses considerable landmarks and favorite tourist places; this is an important district on the margin of Abu Dhabi.

Mussafah is a main industrial community of the emirate that situates south of the area. Mussafah Gardens and Shabiya can be mentioned a few habitable areas available in this district. It is also home to several religious places along with various big shopping centers.



The position of the area is suitable in terms of vicinity to several shopping complexes as well. The retail outlets along the mainland regions and into Abu Dhabi Island city are in close neighborhood. The malls close to the area include as below:

  • The Village Mall
  • Capital Mall
  • The Souk

Situated in the close vicinity, the first mall is accessible in Mussafah Community. The closest mall to the area is The Souk at Qaryat Al Beri with prospect of the canal that is available within 8 minutes. This mall that inspired with Arabic design presents international eateries and retail shops along with facilities to simulate a Venetian experience within waterway.

Being close to the Abu Dhabi – Al Ain Truck Road, Dalma Mall is another option that features more than 450 native and international brands including Aeropostale, GAP, Caterpillar, Cotton On, and Steve Madden.


Several restaurants and café can be found close to the area. Followings are some eateries to eat snack:

  • Scones Bakery & Café
  • Mon Café
  • Circle Café

Restaurants close to the area are:

  • Hoi An Restaurant
  • Al Sayyad Restaurant & Grills
  • Fileh Inn Restaurant

Dining spots are restricted in the countryside; however Circle Café occupies other vacant spaces. Presenting a seaside prospect, the eatery features breakfast choices and a vegan part on its menu. A limited number of eateries are available on Umm Gharfrah Street including Baith Al Baraka Restaurant, Al Sayyad Restaurant & Grills, Dunkin Donuts, Fileh Inn Restaurant, and Gulf Pastry.

Qaryat Al Beri presents more various dining choices and a range of foods. The Ushna Restaurant fitted with some terraces presents Indian food and a new-fashioned, up-scale environment. Hoi An Restaurant is also accessible that serves Vietnamese cuisine, while Chinese food is offered by Shang Palace.


Residing in this area has some benefits that one of them is prospect of the canal from terraces. Accessibility to dedicated coastal areas is another option for habitants of this district. Another attractive choice is being proximity to plenty of other seaside leisure places and stylish resort hotels. A tourist place, the 5-star Shangri-La Hotel at Qaryat Al Beri presents a little extension of a dedicated beach. Another seaside place with a dedicated beach situated on the other part of the canal is The Ritz-Carton Abu Dhabi resort. Other beaches close to the area are Al Bateen Beach and Al Qurm Beach, which are reachable within 14 minutes.


In terms of tourist places, valuable facilities are available in the adjacent regions to this area. One of the valid places famed as Sheikh Hizza Palace can be seen beside Mangrove Village. Some of other considerable landmarks in neighborhood of the area are as below:

  • Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium
  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
  • Al Maqtaa Tower

Situated upon the Khor Al Maqtaa channel, Al Maqtaa Tower is accessible while passing the Maqta Bridge. The protected castle famed as Al Maqtaa Fort is an ancient place which is beside the bridge. 11 minutes driving is needed to reach these two tourist places. Positioned on the Island, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a symbolic place for its huge area and wonderful Islamic design. This mosque can be accessed after passing a drive distance of 9 minutes through Abu Dhabi – Sweihan – Al Hayer Road (E20).


Amenities for outdoor actions close to the area are as follows:

  • Mangrove Village Marina
  • Sports complex
  • Community pools

Situated at the far tailing of the central route, a community center is available with entertaining amenities. Being close to the waterfront café, it features indoor and outdoor pools, basketball and tennis courts, a well-fitted gymnasium and a playground. This habitable skirt also contains its own coastal area that is an excellent place for lovers of water sports. Football enthusiasts have access to the football field available in the Sports Support Academy at the northern region of Abu Dhabi Gate City.

The close facilities that present beauty and spa service are as follows:

  • Capelli Centre
  • Nano Spa & Beauty Center
  • Hair Concept Salon

The first one presents noteworthy options on spa, massage and haircut services. The second center is reachable within only 3 minutes driving and can accessible after a short walking too.

For keratin remedies and haircuts, Hair Concept Salon is a good option in Al Maqtaa. One of the full-scale halls in the area is Nadreen Beauty Salon.


Since providing a quiet environment away from the noise is one of the goals of this area and master community, there are no events taking place in this area. The neighbor region named Al Maqtaa community is famed to home occasions including National Day celebrations with dazzling firework performances over the canal. Around the same area, Traders Hotel and Shangri-La Hotel are places to hold annual Abu Dhabi Dragon Boat Festival, which includes excite boat racing matches.


Habitants can be a member of Facebook page belonged to Mangrove Village to inform events occurring and contact with other habitats.


This area presents a variety of stylish homes at high prices. Families who are seeking for cost-effective habitable choices will have to search around at other adjacent regions including Mussafah, Al Maqtaa, and Between Two Bridges.