Hor Al Anz is a sub-network inside the more prominent area of Deira, Dubai. Encompassing its outskirt are four primary streets, which are D82 (Abu Baker Al Siddique Road), E11 (Al Ittihad Road), D82 (Al Rasheed Road) and D95 (Baghdad Street.) Hor Al Anz is additionally subdivided into Hor Al Anz and Hor Al Anz East.

This sub-network is additionally home to some conspicuous national associations, for example, the administrative center of the Al Ghurair Group. One fascinating reality about the name ‘Hor Al Anz’, this network was named after a steed called Al Anz, which had a place with His Highness Sheik Saeed receptacle Maktoum.


One of the most seasoned sub-networks in Deira

Home to enormous enterprises and associations

Encompassed by four principle streets, making it very much associated with the remainder of Dubai


This area is home to occupants from different nationalities, for example, Filipinos, Arabs, Indians, Pakistanis, Nigerians and individuals from other Sub-Saharan nations. The vast majority of the high rises are in the low-ascent class.

Famous focal points include:

Markets and shops at a mobile separation

An assorted gathering of occupants

Probably the best spot to live for single experts

A moderate alternative for the individuals who wish to lease

Occupants will have the option to discover about everything inside strolling separation as the area has a lot of retail shops and administration focuses.


With properties in Hor Al Anz, one has the choice to either lease estates or lofts. Condos in Hor Al Anz can be found with 1 or 2-beds.

A 1-bed level in Hor Al Anz accompanies 2-restrooms and spreads a zone of 950 sq. ft. One can hope to pay between AED 38k and AED 50k yearly lease for these lofts

Hor Al Anz 2-bed rental pads spread 1,600 sq. ft. of territory and accompany 2-washrooms. Rents for these pads changes between AED 48k and 65k per annum

This sub-network offers a wide scope of floor plan designs that incorporate 3 to 6-room estates.

A normal 3-bed manor accompanies 4-restrooms and floor space that is around 1,706 sq. ft. One can hope to pay 10k to 120k lease per annum for manors with these kinds of floor plans.

5-room houses accompany 6-restrooms and around 4,500 sq. ft. inclusion territory and can cost up to AED 210K every year to lease.

6-rooms cost AED 160k to AED 180k every year to lease and accompany 5 to 6 washrooms and floor space between 2,000 sq. ft. to 4,000 sq. ft.

Contingent upon the kind of manor you lease, you can hope to get additional conveniences like a devoted pantry, extra space and open space (as a rule on the rooftop) for cooking BBQ. A portion of these manors may likewise accompany a gallery or a patio.


Estate inhabitants will have their own carport where they can securely leave their vehicles. Condo inhabitants may confront a few issues discovering parking spots in Hor Al Anz as most high rises are more established and don’t have committed stopping. They can, in any case, park as an afterthought roads or in a neighborhood.

With regards to open transportation in Hor Al Anz, there are in any event three bus stations situated at a mobile separation. The closest choice, Hor Al Anz Civil Defense station, can be come to quickly by foot. Only somewhat further away, a good ways off of 7 minutes, is Hor Al Anz Street bus stop. While the Hor Al Anz, Turnoff 1 bus station is the farthest choice situated at a 9-minute walk.

Metro stations close Hor Al Anz incorporate Abu Baker Al Siddique Metro Station 2, found south of the network. It very well may be come to quickly by foot. There are other metro stations close by, yet they can’t be come to by foot and inhabitants may need to take a transport to arrive. These stations are Salah Al Din Metro Station (11 minutes away) and Al Rigga Metro Station (14 minutes away.)


General stores NEAR HOR AL ANZ

There are a few general stores close Hor Al Anz. The closest alternative is Talal Supermarket, which is situated a ways off of 4 minutes. There is likewise West Zone Supermarket – Deira, which can be come to in a short time. The biggest grocery store, Carrefour Hypermarket, is situated in the Century Mall and can be come to in a short time.


There are a few mosques in Hor Al Anz. Aisha Mosque is situated on the 26th Street at a 2-minute separation. Another choice, Masjid Lootah is situated on 14C Street and is 6 minutes away. The biggest mosque in the sub-network is the Grand Mosque, which is 3 minutes away and situated on 42A Street. Another near to mosque at a 4-minute drive is Masjid Salaf Al Salih, which can be situated on 34B Street.


There are many houses of worship close Hor Al Anz. Victors Chapel International Dubai is situated a good ways off of 12 minutes. Another close by chapel is Jesus Is Lord Mission International that can be come to in a short time. Dubai Central Seventh-day Adventist Church is only 17 minutes away.

Most sanctuaries close Hor Al Anz can be come to in less than 20 minutes. Truth be told, most sanctuaries in Dubai are gathered in the network of Al Fahidi, which can be come to in a short time. A portion of these sanctuaries incorporate Shiva Temple, Shiridi Sai Baba Mandir, ShrinathJi Temple and Shree Krishna Haveli.


Nurseries close Hor Al Anz include:

Modest Tots Nursery

The Primary Nursery

DCS Little Kingdom Nursery

Modest Tots Nursery has been working for more than 30 years. Their point is to assist kids with growing socially, inwardly, physically and rationally through animating and thrilling exercises.

Schools close Hor Al Anz include:

Al Ahmadiyya School

Omar Bin Al Khattab Model School

Little Flower English School

Occupants will locate an enormous assortment of exceptionally respectable schools in Hor Al Anz. Al Ahmadiyya School is only 6 minutes away and situated on 23C Street – Dubai. Omar Bin Al Khattab Model School (situated on 39 Street) is another extraordinary choice and it tends to be effectively come to quickly.


Medicinal offices close Hor Al Anz include:

NMC Medical Center Deira

Dubai Hospital

Canadian Specialists Hospital

Canadian Specialists Hospital is 9-minutes away. NMC Medical Center Deira is 7 minutes away. Dubai Hospital is perhaps the most established medical clinic in the zone and found just 8 minutes away. This is an administration clinic that offers therapeutic treatment at sponsored costs and can be an incredible alternative for the individuals who don’t have medical coverage.

Close by AREAS

Hor Al Anz East


Al Khabaisi

Abu Hail

Toward the east lies the augmentation known as Hor Al Anz East. This sub-network has its very own park. It is likewise home to Dubai Municipality office and there are a few parts of banks here as well. Toward the west, occupants will discover Muteena, which is referred to for having a few lodgings, for example, Grand Excelsior Hotel Deira, Crowne Plaza and AVANI Hotel. To its south, there is Al Khabaisi, which fringes Dubai International Airport. While toward the north lies Abu Hail, which is home to Dubai’s Women’s Association.


Shopping centers NEAR HOR AL ANZ

Some famous shopping centers close Hor Al Anz include:

Reef Mall

Downtown area Deira

Al Ghurair Center

Reef Mall is one of Dubai’s top of the line shopping centers and it is situated close Hor Al Anz. This shopping center can be come to in a short time traveling west on Salahuddin Road, alongside Salahuddin Metro Station. Reef Mall incorporates brand outlets, a children play focus and a satisfactory choice of eateries and bistros. Deira City Center Shopping Mall is situated at a 14-minute drive. This shopping center offers a total shopping, feasting and excitement experience. Al Ghurair Center is an a lot littler shopping center and can be come to in a short time.


Eateries close Hor Al Anz include:

Red Bawarchi Restaurant

Calicut Notebook Restaurant

Al Khaleej al Maroof Restaurant and Cafeteria

Eateries close Hor Al Anz spend significant time in serving Indian or Arabic nourishment. Red Bawarchi Restaurant is only 3 minutes away. It serves conventional Indian nourishment, for example, Biryani, Daal, Pulao, and so on. It is most frequented by the neighborhood Indian and Pakistani people group. Calicut Notebook Restaurant is the go-to put on the off chance that you lean toward Indian top notch food. It is only a 3-minute drive away and has practical experience in serving customary and combination Indian nourishment in an upscale air. Menu things incorporate chicken makhni, chicken tikka, meat boti, chicken boti, and so on. Al Khaleej Al Maroof Restaurant and Cafeteria is situated at a 3-minute drive and spends significant time in South India foods.

Bistros and eateries in Deira City Center Shopping Mall include:



Mash Juice Bar

Costa Coffee

Both Chilly’s and Denny’s are American easygoing feasting cafés. They offer a determination of gourmet burgers, steaks and different BBQ things. Mash Juice is a celebrated juice bar and has some expertise in sound beverages. Costa Coffee is one of the most well known goals in the shopping center and an unquestionable requirement visit for espresso aficionados.

There are additionally a couple of bars and bars around there. Spiritz bar (situated inside Movenpick lodging) is only 8 minutes. Harry’s Bar fits into the games bar classification and is found 8 minutes away.

Sea shores NEAR HOR AL ANZ

There are two sea shores close Hor Al Anz that offer a great deal of civilities. Al Mamzar Beach Park can be come to in a short time. This sea shore has gazebos and seats accessible for picnics. One can likewise bring their fly ski and appreciate different water sports. Aside from that, this sea shore is ideal for swimming and is generally less swarmed contrasted with other open sea shores. Another famous sea shore is Jumeirah Beach, which is found 27 minutes away. This sea shore is well known with voyagers and is viewed as probably the busiest sea shores in Dubai. Civilities at this sea shore incorporate devoted BBQ stations, kids’ park and an outside play territory.


Close by spots of intrigue and excitement include:

Wonderland Amusement Park

IMG Worlds of Adventure


Wonderland Amusement Park is situated at a 14-minute drive and is acclaimed for its white knuckle rides and water slides. Stargate amusement park is arranged right on Sheik Zayed Road. It has barely any fundamental rides and is incredible for easygoing fun. One of the most energizing and well known amusement stops in Dubai is IMG Worlds of Adventure. It is likewise the farthest away a ways off of 35 minutes. This is a huge indoor park with a few rides and diners.


Open air exercises and wellness focuses include:

Gold’s Gym – Al Hamriya

Ultra Power Gym

Abu Hail Park

Stops close Hor Al Anz incorporate Abu Hail Park which has a huge open air football court. It likewise incorporates a ball court and a tennis court. This park is well known with young people and children who love to play sports.

For inhabitants who need to remain fit, and are searching for exercise centers close Hor Al Anz, there is the Gold’s Gym – Al Hamriya. This exercise center is only 8 minutes away and has all the most recent gear, just as master staff that can assist you with accomplishing your wellness objectives. A lot nearer is Ultra Power Gym. It is a medium-sized rec center found only 4 minutes away.

Salons and Spas close by include:

Tiffany magnificence salon

Ajmal Hairdressing Equipments and Cosmetics

Thai Elite Spa and Rehabilitation Center, Abu Hail

Tiffany magnificence salon is situated a good ways off of 8 minutes. They offer administrations, for example, wedding cosmetics, party cosmetics, pedicure and nail treatments, hair styles just to give some examples. Ajmal Hairdressing Equipment and Cosmetics (6 minutes away) offers comparative administrations. Thai Elite Spa and Rehabilitation Center – Abu Hail (found 9 minutes away) offers a definitive spoiling experience.

Network EVENTS

Hor Al Anz is a piece of Deira, which is viewed as a major aspect of old Dubai. The greater part of the network occasions happen in Deira City Center Mall. Inhabitants are urged to visit the shopping center and get some answers concerning up and coming occasions.


There are no social networks for Hor Al Anz as this is a blended use network and is a piece of old Dubai. This implies there is no particular engineer for properties here.

Interesting points

This is an entrenched sub-network inside Deira. Inhabitants are probably going to discover all that they need inside strolling separation. One drawback is the absence of parking spots. In the event that you look for the accommodation of open vehicle and need every one of the civilities to be close to you, at that point this is absolutely perhaps the best spot to live.


Dubai global air terminal is only 13 minutes south

Downtown Dubai is 20 minutes away by means of D78

Jebel Ali is 43 minutes away by means of Sheik Zayed Road/E11