Al Safa 2 is a sub-network inside the more prominent area of Al Safa. Most properties in Al Safa 2 are accessible for lease. The territory is likewise home to a couple of government workplaces and departments.


A Mixed-Used Sub-District

Lofts and Villas Available for Rent

Home to Dubai Municipality Office


This is a profoundly created neighborhood inside Dubai and is home to expats and local people.

Well known Points of Interest include:

Children water park called ‘Sprinkle and Party’

Al-Ain Classic Motors Showroom

Near Kite sea shore

There are three open parks called Safa 2 Park 1, 2 and 3, individually. There is additionally a b-ball court in Safa 2 Park 2 for inhabitants.


Properties in Al Safa 2 incorporate lofts and manors. Run of the mill condos for lease accompany 1-bed, 2-showers and 890 sq. ft. of floor space. Occupants can expect the accompanying with regards to rental rates.

1-room rental condos in Al Safa 2 interest rate that can shift between AED 61k to 62k

For those keen on leasing manors in Al Safa 2, there are a few story plan alternatives accessible. One has the alternative to look over 3, 4 and 5-bed manors. Area of these estates changes between 2,000 sq. ft. to 7,000 sq. ft.

The rental rate for 3-bed estates in Al Safa 2 beginnings from AED 125k and can go up to AED 160k per annum

4-bed investment properties in Al Safa 2 rate begins from AED 150k and can go up to AED 300k per annum

Estates with 5-rooms are the biggest private unit one can lease in the zone with rates extending between AED 170K and AED 290K


This is a blended use neighborhood with significant levels of business movement along and an enormous private populace. That is the reason guests may need to pay for road parking spots in Al Safa 2. In any case, inhabitants don’t need to stress over it in light of the fact that about all manors have a secured leaving region for in any event one vehicle.

Fundamental streets connecting with this sub-network, similar to Al Wasl Road (D92) and Sheik Zayed Road (E11), make it simpler for inhabitants to drive to and from work.

The individuals who need to utilize open transportation in Al Safa 2 can settle on the Red Line – Noor Bank metro station.

The closest transport stop Wasl, Rawdhat Al Abraar Masjid 2 is 16 minutes away by foot.


Grocery stores NEAR AL SAFA 2

There is no deficiency of grocery stores close to Al Safa 2. For example, Fabio Supermarket is a 3-minute drive away. Another near to market is the Asghar Aziz Grocery, which is additionally just 3 minutes away. Another choice is Spinneys, which is a ways off of 4 minutes.


There are a few mosques in Al Safa 2. A few models incorporate Jummah Masjid, which is only a 1-minute drive away. Another mosque, Aisha Butti Al Mulla Masjid, is 2 minutes away. This mosque is situated alongside Safa 2 Park. Inhabitants can likewise settle on the fourteenth Street Mosque which is situated at a 3-minute drive.


There are a couple of Churches close to Al Safa 2. The closest alternative, Emirates Baptists Church, situated in the region of Al Barsha 1 and is 14 minutes away. For Evangelical Christians, there is Fellowship: A Church in Dubai, found 14 minutes west by means of E11.

There is no lack of sanctuaries close to Al Safa 2. The majority of them are situated in the network of Al Raffa, which is a 20-minute drive. Some well known sanctuaries in this network incorporate Shree Krishna Haveli, ShrinathJi Temple, Shiridi Sai Baba Mandir and Shiva Temple. Sikh inhabitants can visit Gurunanak Darbar Sikh Gurdwara situated in the region of Jebel Ali, which is a 20 minutes away.


Nursery close to Al Safa 2 include:

MindChamps Nursery

Kangaroo Kids Nursery

The Palace Nursery

Kangaroo Kids Nursery is found one moment away and takes into account kids between the ages of 4 months to 4 years. The nursery pursues the British EYFS educational plan and gives youngsters learning zones, creative offices and an open normal nursery to investigate.

Schools close to Al Safa 2 include:

Dubai International School

House Primary School

Emirates English Speaking School

Dubai International School is situated at a 7-minute drive. This is a non-public school that offers fundamental essential instruction. On the contrary side of the zone lies the Manor Primary School, which is 6 minutes east. This school offers a British Curriculum and is certify by the British Schools in the Middle East (BSME). At a 8-minute drive traveling east is the Emirates English Speaking School.

Colleges close to Al Safa 2 incorporate Al Ghurair University, which is only 9 minutes away. This college offers an assortment of courses in building, sciences and the board examines. It is licensed by the U.A.E. Service of Higher Education and its designing projects are endorsed by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology. Another alternative is Canadian University in Dubai situated a good ways off of 12 minutes.


Medcare Women’s and Children Hospital

Prime Medical Center

iCare Clinics

There are a few facilities close to Al Safa 2. For example, the Medcare Women’s and Children Hospital is 4 minutes away. A good ways off of 9-minute away lies the Prime Medical Center, which has a nonstop injury focus. Medcare Women’s and Children Hospital has some expertise in gynecology and pediatrics. It is a perfect clinic close to Al Safa 2 for expecting moms searching for remarkable pre-birth care.

iCare Clinic inside the Oasis Mall (found 11 minutes away) is an extraordinary alternative for patients looking for OPD therapeutic medicines.

For occupants worried about the wellbeing and health of their pets, there is likewise a veterinary center, which is 4 minutes away, situated at Al Wasl and 25C road.

Close by AREAS

Private people group close by include:

Umm Suqueim 1

Al Safa

Al Quoz 3

Al Manara

Umm Suqeim 1 deceives the north. This zone is home to some wealthy individuals and has a few places of interest. It is additionally home to some very good quality lodgings in Dubai. Toward the east lies the more prominent region of Al Safa. Traveling south, inhabitants will discover the region of Al Quoz 3. The more noteworthy Al Quoz zone is home to a few workmanship displays. Going west of the outskirt, there is the locale of Al Manara. This is an upscale neighborhood that has a few manors and townhouses.


Shopping centers NEAR AL SAFA 2

Shopping centers close to Al Safa 2 include:

Time Square Center Dubai

Shopping center of Emirates

Desert garden Mall

Being situated in a business region in Dubai, there is no lack of shopping centers close to Al Safa 2. The Time Square Center – Dubai is situated a ways off of 10 minutes. The Mall of the Emirates is a ways off of 12 minutes. This shopping center is known to be one of the most seasoned and busiest shopping centers in Dubai. Desert spring shopping center is situated a good ways off of 11 minutes by means of Sheik Zayed Rd.

Well known Stores in Mall of Emirates include:



Sun Sand and Sports

Carrefour is a well known store in the Mall of the Emirates. It offers a total shopping experience and carryies an assortment of FMCGs, Foodstuffs, Apparel and footwear. Centrepoint has particular stores taking into account specialty customers. A portion of their stores incorporate BabyShop, Splash, Shoemart, and Lifestyle. Sun and Sand Sports incorporates sports attire, frill and sports related gear.


Cafés inside Mall of Emirates include:

Charlie’s Philly Cheesesteaks


800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria

For the individuals who need to evaluate the well known Philadelphia cheesesteak, Charlie’s Philly Cheesesteaks is an absolute necessity visit goal. Chowking spends significant time in astounding Filipino foods. Other fascinating spots for feasting incorporate 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria.

Eateries close to Al Safa 2 include:

Sul Fiume

Indian Pavilion eatery

Desert garden Restaurant

There are some incredible formal and easygoing feasting diners close by. For instance, the Sul Fiume is only 2 minutes away. It is situated on Indigo Building, Exit No. 45, Sheik Zayed Rd. Sul Fiume and it is renowned for its BBQ platters and barbecued meats. For the individuals who appreciate real vegan Indian cooking, there is the Indian Pavilion Restaurant that serves conventional Indian tidbits and veggie lover thalis. One can arrive at this scene in only 5 minutes traveling east. Desert spring Restaurant is 6 minutes away and serves inexpensive food.

Close by authorized offices incorporate Dhow and Anchor, which is a gastropub situated inside Lobby level, Jumeirah Beach Hotel. One can arrive at this office quickly traveling north-west. Directly by this office is the Ocean Blue/Pool Bar. Here inhabitants will locate an easygoing waterfront feasting condition with a fluctuated choice of fish and various kinds of mixed drinks.

Sea shores NEAR AL SAFA 2

Inhabitants can reach more than ten open sea shores close to Al Safa 2 in less than 15 minutes. Some famous sea shores incorporate the Open Beach, which is situated at a 15-minute drive. Another alternative, Jumeirah Beach, is situated at a 13-minute drive. This sea shore is most habitually visited by western vacationers. It additionally has a committed child’s play territory and BBQ stations where inhabitants can have a sea shore picnic. Other close by open sea shores incorporate Sunset Beach and Kite Beach.


Close by tourist spots and places of Interest include:

Sprinkle n Party – Kids Waterpark

Dubai Bowling Center

Wild Wadi Water Park

The closest milestone that offers restful exercises is the Splash n Party, which is a children water park directly inside the outskirts of this sub-network. Another waterpark,Wild Wadi, is a 15-minute drive away. Occupants who love bowling would appreciate a couple of games in one of Dubai’s biggest bowling alleys, Dubai Bowling Center. This bowling focus can be come to in a short time traveling east by means of First Al Khail St.


Occupants can stay in shape at:

Umm Suqeim 1 Park 2

Safa Park 2

Fundamental Al Safa Park

Stops close to Al Safa 2 incorporate Umm Suqeim 1 Park 2, found 6 minutes away. This is a little network park. There is a ball court directly inside Al Safa 2 and a child’s play territory that has swings, slides and treehouses. 13 minutes away occupants will locate the biggest park in the area, Al Safa Park. Youngsters can be seen playing football, cricket and different sorts of sports in this park.

For individuals who love to exercise, the best spot to go is either Gym Giorgia or Fitness First Oasis Center. The nearest rec center is Gym Giorgia, which is 1 moment away. Wellness First Oasis Center is situated in Oasis Mall, which can be come to quickly traveling east.

Salons and Spas close by:

Miss Caramel Beauty Center and Spa Jumeirah

Dreamworks Spa

Tricks Al Madina Acupuncture Massage Spa Center

The closest Spa is Miss Caramel Beauty Center and Spa Jumeirah, which can be come to in a short time by means of 14 C St. Inhabitants can hope to discover administrations, for example, hair styles, body spa medicines, nail medications, back rubs and hair expulsion administrations.

The Dreamworks Spa is a 5-minute drive away. Occupants can hope to appreciate a wide scope of grant winning Spa medicines. This spa offers Hot Stone and Four-Hands treatment. Occupants can likewise appreciate medications that include full body Scrubs, just as conventional Hamman customs.

There is likewise Shams Al Madina Acupuncture Massage Spa Center, which can be come to shortly traveling west. Here, one can hope to get a full needle therapy treatment directed by an expert experienced in this specialty of mending.

Network EVENTS

Al Safa is a blend use neighborhood and is arranged in a more established piece of Dubai. Inhabitants will find that there are no particular network occasions. Nonetheless, people group occasions do occur in close by shopping centers. Occupants can visit these shopping centers and get some answers concerning forthcoming occasions.


There is no particular engineer for this zone. Subsequently, there are no particular internet based life bunch where inhabitants can collaborate with one another.

Interesting points

This sub-network is known for significant levels of business movement. There are a few government workplaces and offices here. The individuals who lean toward tranquil environment may have a little issue altering in this network. In any case, for the vast majority, the accommodation of living here exceeds this minor issue.


17 minutes west of Dubai International Airport

16 minutes west of Downtown Dubai

30 minutes east of Jebel Ali