About Us

Our mission is to establish an online property advertising company in the region. www.Dobira.com has been selected as a domain name and brand of the company. The main goal is to sell advertisement space through e-commerce. We had a vision to be one of the leading online advertisement company in region. All of our services are done through a website. Therefore, the ad space we sell is noted bellow:

1_ Selling property listing ads. They would last for 1 year.

2_ Selling “Hot Deal” tags: Hot deal tags would appear at the corner of the property in addition the ad would appear at the top of the search engine. Hot deal tags would last 1 month

3_ Selling presale project ad. Presale project would last for 1 year.

4_ Selling featured presale project ad. Featured presale projects would last for 1 month.

5_ Selling catalog advertisement space: Companies can upload their full catalog containing maximum 10 pages in our website. In addition they may enter their website address. The banners would last 1 month.

6_ Selling animation clip space at website. Besides uploading advertisement clip you may enter the website address. The video ads would last 1 months.

We operate in 6 middle eastern countries which consist of United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain.

The website is in three languages, English, Arabic and Turkish.

The website converts the property area in square foot, square meter, and square yard.

The website converts the property prices into 11 currencies, which consist to UAE Dirhams, Turkish Lira, Saudi Rials, Kuwait Dinars, Omani Rials, Bahraini Rials, American Dollars, Euros, British Pound, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars and Chinese Yens.